Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Internship Nightmare

Just when you think you're settled--you've reached the approval of your University's career advising center with the stellar internship with seemingly limitless extensions--the economy goes sour.

Last spring, I happened across my dream internship--politics, advocacy, and writing all in one. It seemed too good to be true, that was, until they extended me. Flattered and thrilled, it didn't take me long to accept the extension. Sure, things were a bit different in the Fall Semester. After all, my summer had been focused on the election. Now, it was focused on the long-term goals of the organization for which I worked. I loved it just the same and dreaded my December termination.

Soon enough, though, my perfect birthday present presented itself. Two days, before by birthday, I was extended yet again through the Spring semester. Life was good.

Now, there are no more paid internship positions of which to speak. Although, I plan on continuing to volunteer for the organization, I find myself in a hopeless job search in hopes of some sort of summer income. Unfortunately for me, it isn't looking so good.

I could return to my retail job. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm lucky, too, because a lot of people will be unable to encounter that type of position. Still, with my impending graduation, I'm concerned that lacking more internship experience will detract from my workplace marketability. And, with organizations like the Wall Street Journal suggesting that college grads seek internships, I'm concerned that even unpaid internships may be lacking.

I've applied to several organizations in the past few weeks, only to receive the generic "we've-received-your-resume" response. That doesn't instill much hope in me, as of course, it doesn't mean that anyone will ever see it. I'll keep you updated, but until I get a concrete response on anything, I am in summer job limbo. Bring on the nights of worry-induced insomnia.

Until next time, Sweet Dreams.

--The Sleep Deprived Student